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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Iggy folds

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said his party is prepared to “swallow hard” and support the Conservative government, provided they agree to table regular updates outlining how they are living up to their commitments outlined in the federal budget.

Is that it? Is that seriously Iggy's only condition for passing the budget? Despite broad-based demands the budget does nothing to rectify the absurd qualification regime for EI which excludes over 60% of unemployed Ontarians from the program. An effective form of unemployment insurance is an absolute necessity as we enter this recession and yet not only has the Harper government refused to budge on this issue but the Ignatieff Liberals have balked at holding Harper's feet to the fire and insisting that the budget be amended to broaden EI eligibility as a condition for Liberal support.

Instead all Ignatieff is asking for is "regular updates" from the government? This alone will satisfy the Liberals and cause them to favour the continuation of the Harper horror show and ditch the coalition which could have taken power as soon as this Thursday.

This is leadership? This is using your political advantage to leverage concessions?

If neither the Tories nor the federal Liberals are prepared to fix the EI system perhaps the Ontario government, which has complained about the current inequity, should seriously consider this proposal to pull out of the federal EI system and create an Ontario Employment Insurance Program instead?
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Annie said...

I am stunned. Notice that when he was asked why he doesn't propose amendments targeted at his laundry list of problems in the budget, he answered in his pathetic french so he didn't even have to try and make sense.

Beijing York said...

I'm not surprised by Ignatieff's stance (supporting the budget with amendments) but stunned that he basically didn't ask for any concrete amendments. This is his so-called master strategy, his great chess move?

At least Dion looked pained and embarrassed every time he rolled over and let Harper piss on him. Ignatieff can't wipe off that smug expression as he "swallows hard".