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Saturday 2 January 2016

"Actually, it's about ethics in galactic domination"

No wonder MRAs and the manosphere hate Force Awakens so much - Kylo Ren is an embodiment of Gamergate and the MRA.

Geek male identity has been reduced to Kylo Ren impotently thrashing a computer with his sword

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1 comment:

Gyor said...

Return of Kings is not MRA, to my knowledge they hate MRAs, they're the ones protesting movie.

Return of Kings is its own thing and many MRAs find them as distasteful as everyone else does.

As an MRA I have no political objection to the movie, but as a Trekkie Star Trek rules and Star Wars drools.

Just saying, Star Wars fans and Star Trek Fans, are like the crips vs. The bloods, but with imaginary phasers and lightsabres instead of real guns.

On a more serious note, I just want more help, fairness, and understanding for men and less censorship, not more!

So no boycotting from this MRA.