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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Peter Kent and the JDL

Dr. Dawg's Blawg has the rather disturbing story today of Junior Cabinet minister Peter Kent's association with Meir Weinstein, leader of the Canadian branch of the Jewish Defence League hate group. Weinstein, who used to use the nom de guerre of Meir Halevi, made a spectacle of himself following the Caves of the Patriarchs Massacre by his comrade, Baruch Goldstein. Goldstein and Weinstein/Halevi were both members of the JDL. Weinstein, who was also the North American spokesperson for the extremist and now banned Kach Party, said the following about Goldstein's murder of 29 Palestinians and wounding of a further 129 ""[o]ur organization does not condemn the attack. It condemns the Israeli government for not providing adequate protection for settlers."(Canadian Press, "Mosque attack threatens talks Arafat blames Rabin for massacre", February 26, 1994)

It's not surprising that Weinstein belongs to a Facebook group called מוות לערבים (pronounced Mavet le'aravim which means "Death to the Arabs").

Weinstein apparently lives in Kent's Thornhill riding. Did he and his fellow hate group members volunteer on Kent's campaign? Did any of them make a donation to his campaign? Will Kent denounce Weinstein and the JDL?
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