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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

George Galloway suing Bernie Farber and CTV

Word out of Montreal tonight that George Galloway made public during his webcast to Concordia tonight that he has launched a devamation lawsuit against Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber and CTV for defamation uttered in an interview.

UPDATE: Galloway repeated the news in his webcast to Ottawa and the National Post has picked up the story.
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Anonymous said...

Sue the bugger for every penny he's got and give all the money to the Palestinians.

Jay Currie said...


Anonymous said...

Galloway successfully sued the Daily Telegraph in 2004 for libel winning 150,000 UK pounds in damages plus 1.2 million UK pounds in costs. He is no slouch in the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

There is no cause of libel. I heard the CTV broadcasts, all Farber said was fact; Galloway provides funding for the terrorist group Hamas.

In Canada Hamas is designated a terrorist group. There are youtube clips of Furious George handing over wads aof cash to Ishmail Haniyah the leader of Hamas. Canada makes no distinction between Hamas so Farber spoke fact.

George is sunk if he actually goes ahead with this law suit. If he does I hope the CJC goes after costs big time. The CJC is no slouch in the legal department either.

Andy Lehrer said...

Actually anonymous, I saw the CTV interview as well and Farber went well beyond that. We'll have to see what happens.