Monday, 18 June 2018

At an anti-Zundel rally

At an Anti-Zundel rally in Etobicoke
Back in the summer 2004, neo-Nazi Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel was in detention at the Metro West Detention Centre. Neo-nazis and anti-Semites, under the leadership of Paul Fromm, had held a series of rallies outside the jail, calling for Zundel's release and received coverage on Global News and other weekend newscasts. Since senior assignment editors and journalists tended to have the weekend's off, the reporting was left to inexperienced reporters who took Fromm at face value and described him on the air as a "free speech advocate" while failing to challenge his assertins that Zundel was some sort of historian being persecuted for his views. As the rallies were becoming a focal point for neo-Nazi organizing and were getting kid gloves coverage in the media, anti-racists in the city decided it was important to openly challenge the views of Zundel and his followers. The photo above was taken at one of two counterdemonstrations that were organiazed. The fellow beside me who has part of his face covered did so because the people being opposed had a tendency towards violence and had a history of trying to identify anti-racists and stalk and beat them up if possible.
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