Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"As long as they kill Muslims, I don't care"

BCL's post on today's JDL rally for the neo-Nazi English Defence League and Ron Banerjee's promise to bring out "security" for the rally got me rememberin'...

About a year ago, I happened by a JDL rally outside Ryeson and got into an argument with Ron Banerjee, leader and likely the sole member of the "Canadian Hindu Advocacy" (sic). A far right extremist group that supports the fascist BJP/RSS party in India and is particularly fond of the BJP led government of Gujurat which is notable for its complicity in anti-Muslim pogroms and for having schools carry history textbooks that praise Hitler.

I asked Banerjee, who can often be seen at JDL events, how he can have the nerve to pretend to be pro-Jewish or even pro-Israel when he supports a party that praises Hitler.

His answer? "As long as they kill Muslims I don't care"

The JDLers by the way, didn't seem to be at all phased by having a guy whose party supported the Nazis during WWII in their midsts. One of them even said "World War II was a long time ago"
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Anonymous said...

And the disturbing thing is PETER KENT attends and speaks at Canadian Hindu Advocacy events (they used to be called HINDU CONFERENCE OF CANADA).. and he even describes Ron BAnerjee as a good friend here: