Friday, 13 March 2009

Israel Apartheid Week talks were not anti-Semitic

For the past month, the National Post has subjected readers to endless claims that Israeli Apartheid Week is an anti-Semitic hatefest. It is therefore quite instructive that your journalists either did not attend, or at the very least did not report on, any of the actual panels or workshops during the week in question in order to relay what any of the speakers said, let alone whether or not any of the content was anti-Semitic. This is amazing to me. If IAW's importance is such that it merits daily attacks in your pages from third-hand sources, surely it would behoove you to actually have your reporters attend the events and relay a first-hand report either confirming or refuting the "hatefest" claims?
For the record, there have been no claims that anything said by any of the speakers at IAW constitutes anti-Semitism. This fact should finally put to rest claims to the contrary and prevent attempts at prior restraint of free speech by university officials or the National Post in 11 months time, when IAW comes upon us again.
Andy Lehrer, Independent Jewish Voices, Toronto.
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